Birthday in London

First birthday in London. WOW. Didn’t think I’d ever be living, let alone having a birthday in Europe.

Great news! We found a flat in London. Notting Hill to be exact. Just steps away from the famous Portobello Road market. First order of business in London – drop off remaining paperwork for the flat. Second order of business – check out Portobello Road market and see how close it is to our new home.

The weekday market has the fruits and veggies. The Saturday market has vintage clothes and any other wares you can think of.

Literally a couple blocks away…

Our new flat!

The market is CRAZY and packed with people. There’s a whole other end of the market that we didn’t have the chance to venture to because we had to go to Borough Market to find the wild boar sausage sandwich that Tim Yee told us to find.

Borough Market!

Success! After walking around and getting hungrier and hungrier, we FOUND IT.

Next stop, the British Museum! An absolutely gorgeous building with so much to see. I don’t think we even saw a 1/4 of what is there. What’s great, is that it’s free! So you can go back and see the rooms you didn’t see before. Joe’s not a big fan of museums. But what’s great about this one, is that there is so much variety. There is ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Egypt, a room on money, a room on clocks and watches…a lot of variety for everyone.

The interior
A building within a building.
My favourite exhibit - The Rosetta Stone

There was a neat exhibit on jade - one of my favourite stones to use when making jewelry
What my bored husband was doing while I looked at the jade 🙂