Beads and The West Wing

Ever since starting to make my own jewelry in grad school, I’ve found it to be a very satisfying and relaxing hobby. I actually started making jewelry because I found it increasingly difficult to find fashionable jewelry that was inexpensive. Unfortunately because of my metal allergy, I can’t wear anything but sterling silver, real silver and real gold jewelry.

It has become one of my favourite past times to make jewelry and watch my West Wing dvds. It is nice to be able to spread out my tools and beads and make jewelry while watching what is still my favourite TV show. Every time I watch The West Wing, I am amazed by how well written and well acted it is. It is witty, thoughtful, insightful and thought provoking. While not everyone will agree with the politics of it, it’s difficult to deny that it is a great show.

On an evening such as this where it is storming outside, I am content to enjoy playing with my beads, and watching The West Wing. Here’s just a little glimpse into one of my favourite things to do :O)

My starting point
Loose Beads
Finished product!

Great Company - The West Wing - Galileo V