I’m in Lush

I realize I might be a bit late to the party, but since moving to London, I have discovered Lush. Lush is all over the world, but I didn’t discover it until living here. Lush was founded and is headquartered in the UK. Their products are all fresh and organic, have no preservatives and are not tested on animals. Below are some items that I have been loving using.

My bag full of goodies
Lush packaging with labels and explanations
Butterball: The first of the bath bombs that I bought. You drop these into a bathtub and it makes the water all frothy and fizzy and gives it a great smell
Space Girl - Another bath bomb. As you can see it has glitter in it and it has an amazing scent as well
French kiss - This bath bomb is shaped like a Hershey chocolate kiss
King of Skin - This is a body butter that is used in the shower. You basically rub it on your skin and rinse off the excess. I find that when I use this, I don't need to use lotion at all for about 24 hours. It's soft, gentle and great for dry skin.
On the left is shampoo (called Ultimate Shine) and on the right is conditioner (called Jungle). They are solid and can be kept in the tins you see in the photo. They're really cleansing and are solid product. I love using them, and they're excellent for travel because they last for 70-80 uses and don't take up much space at all.

N is for Nubar

Veering away from what I’ve been blogging about lately, I’d like to introduce a brand of nail polish I discovered recently. It’s called Nubar. While I’ve never been big into beauty products like make-up or hair, one thing that I’ve loved since I was a teenager is nail polish.

What makes this brand “special” is that it’s free from 3 main chemicals normally found in nail polishes: Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP-Phthalate. It is also a Vegan and Cruelty Free product.

In addition to having amazing colors to choose from, the Nubar nail polish dries really quickly and lasts for a surprisingly long time. Most nail polishes (even the high end ones like o.p.i.) start chipping after a couple days. I’ve kept Nubar on for a full week with minimal chipping. Even when it does chip, the chipping doesn’t spread. For those of you who paint their nails (even occasionally) you know that when applying nail polish, you normally use 2 coats to get coverage. Even then, you usually have to wait a long time for it to finish drying. The top might dry, but the coats underneath might still be wet, so it’s kind of squishy and can still be ruined. Nubar nail polish isn’t like that. Even with 2 coats (which sometimes it doesn’t even need) it dries really quickly without the squishiness of normal polishes.

They have a huge array of amazing colors. They also have Collections that you can buy that are really cool. For me personally, I didn’t buy any Collections because I didn’t think I’d use all the colors. While it’s a good price (8 polishes for $49) for me, it wasn’t particularly worth it. 1 bottle of nail polish will cost $7.50. More than the average bottle of nail polish but also not as expensive as some of the more good quality brands. You can buy Nubar at www.bynubar.comĀ .

Below are most of the colors I own. I have a brighter red called Cabaret Red and also the French Manicure set (not pictured).

(from L to R) Conserve, Pyramid Purple, Dark Castle, Unpredictable Taupe, Silver Sword
(From L to R) Impulsive Silver, Greener, Erratic Purple, Lustful Red, Passionate Purple