Stocking up on Plaintains

I’ve been so behind in my blogging of completed clothes! I guess in a way, it’s a good thing since I can then see whether or not I’m enjoying wearing what I’ve completed. I generally dislike taking pictures of myself, which makes it difficult to show what I’ve been sewing. That has been the key thing keeping me back from blogging my completed projects.

Deer & Doe’s (FREE) t-shirt pattern is the Plantain. It’s been released for a while now, but I’ve only just jumped on the bandwagon.

I’ve been making a lot of woven tops lately, but realised that when I went to go reach for something to throw on to run errands or pop out, I wouldn’t automatically go for a women. My go-to shirts are normally jersey because they don’t wrinkle (easily), they’re comfortable to just slip on and wear. Noticing a gap in my me-made clothing (gasp!) I decided to try out some short sleeved plantains. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I didn’t need to make any adjustments and I just find that the shaping and fit is really flattering.

These two are my first makes. The fabric for both was from Walthamstow Market and I love how jazzy they are. I bought them from The Textile Centre and it looks like they have more in their ebay store. White/Black and Cream/Coral.





I really love the texture of the jersey. It’s unique, and I like the geometric patterns as well. So far, I’ve really loved wearing these, and they’re really comfortable!

I most recently made up the plaintain in a blue ponti roma from Abakhan Fabrics. It’s a really nice royal blue and I made the sleeves slightly longer and added cuffs.



4 thoughts on “Stocking up on Plaintains

  1. You look great, sweetie. I like the geometric pattern too. Well done.

    You know your fabrics too. Way ahead of what I tried to do at your age. Proud of you.

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