Perfect Travel Companion: The Flapjack

One of my top priorities when I travel is “what should I bring/buy to snack on?” As someone who gets hangry (hungry-angry) it’s important for me, and my travel companions’ happiness, that I am well fed. That why on road trips or long train journeys, I come well prepared with every snack possible. Gummy bears, crisps (chips), cookies etc. Something salty, and something sweet to cater for all tastes. They’re usually store bought snacks but on a trip to Europe with friends last year, I decided to make something home made. We were going to be hiking Cinque Terre and spending a lot of time travelling. I sometimes make my own muesli (toasted granola) and had seen recipes for flapjacks. I decided it’d be a good snack as its simplest is made of oats, sugar and butter. It’s a great base starting point. I used this recipe from bbcgoodfood as my base. These flapjacks have been lifesavers, particularly on our Cinque Terre trip where we had train strikes that made our journey HOURS longer than it was supposed to be, and sustained us on our full day hike.

Base ingredients:

250g Porridge Oats – I use the large porridge oats, not the ones used for instant porridge or even microwaveable porridge. I use jumbo rolled oats.
125g Butter
125g Brown Sugar – I use dark muscovado because it adds really great flavour, and isn’t as refined as normal brown sugar
2-3 tbsps Golden Syrup (depends how gooey you want it) – could substitute agave which has a lower GI
*From here, including the method instructions, is where I deviate

Deb’s additions:
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp (or more) of flaxseed – great for fibre and good fats!
You can add any of these in together, or separately – it’s entirely up to you!
Pumpkin seeds
Nuts (I will use crushed cashews or pistachios, but anything will work)
Dried fruit or berries
Chocolate chips


-Weigh out oats and put into mixing bowl
-Melt butter – once melted, add in the brown sugar and mix it around so that any lumps are dissolved or made smaller
-Mix the butter/sugar mixture, spices such as nutmug, cinnamon, vanilla essence and flaxseed into the oats
-Add in the golden syrup and mix

**Here is where you can split the oats mixture and make part of it plain, and another part with nuts, seeds, chocolate etc.
**The original recipe says to use a baking tin but I’ve had good results with filling muffin tins 1/3 to 1/2 way up and you don’t have to worry about cutting them! Nice for if you’re creating more than 1 kind of flapjack.

-Mix in the “extras” and fill either your baking tin or muffin tins
-Bake at 180 Celsius or ~ 350 Farenheit for 20 minutes
-Note: It may require less time if using muffin tins – more like 15 minutes
-Remove from oven when they are golden
If you use dark brown muscovado, the flapjacks will look more brown than golden

I made these flapjacks for our most recent trip to Croatia. I used the baking tray method this time.
I made these flapjacks for our most recent trip to Croatia. I used the baking tray method this time.
Side shot of the flapjacks. I used pistachios and chocolate chips in this version...loads of them :)
Side shot of the flapjacks. I used pistachios and chocolate chips in this version…loads of them 🙂

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