Gaudi’s Barcelona

Gaudi. He makes up a lot of the things to see in Barcelona. So many, that it warrants its own post.

We visited 4 Gaudi buildings/locations while in Barcelona. Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Parc Guell (free) and La Sagrada Familia. The Gaudi stuff is quite pricey so if cost is an issue, research which ones you’d like to see, and pick and choose. Since each place is owned and operated by different people, you can’t get 1 ticket to see everything, or get a discount on multiple tickets.

Casa Batllo:

Casa Mila (La Pedrera) – La Pedrera was originally built as an apartment building with spacious flats

La Sagrada Familia – One of the highlights of Barcelona. This amazing structure is still being built, even though Gaudi died in 1926. The different facades are so different from each other and unique in their own right. The interior is colourful and like no other cathedral I’ve ever been in. The size, intricacy and coolness are definitely worth seeing. The building is rich with symbolism and imagery.

Parc Guell – This park has a lot of Gaudi touches in it. It’s free to roam about and explore.


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