Watching History – London 2012

It’s amazing being in a city where you’re watching history take place. When we moved to London a year ago we knew that the Olympics would be here in the summer of 2012. I didn’t realise how momentous or special it would be. In the office we have TVs set up and learning about all the sports that I never really paid much attention to and following the GB athletes has been awesome. The atmosphere is amazing and hearing everyone talk about their experiences at the events has been great.

Having “come from” so many countries, I have a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to countries to support. To top it off, I have added GB to my list of countries to support :O) At least I’m never really disappointed when it comes to the 3 medal winners!

Yesterday we made our way to the Olympic Park to watch the women’s 3m springboard diving semi-finals. Everyone was so cheerful and helpful. The people working the games were really fun and would interact with people as they walked by. Everyone at the food stations and the workers were amazingly friendly as well. When we got to the park, we sat down to eat some lunch and shared a table with a family from Seattle but who have lived in England for the last 10 years. Chatted with them for a while and a couple from Oxford came and sat there. Everyone was just so friendly and there was an atmosphere of fun, anticipation and gratefulness for being able to be there. The only grumpy people we came across where a group of Americans who when we asked about whether 2 seats on a bench were available scoffed, said no and muttered amongst themselves, shaking their heads, about how everyone keeps asking. As a fellow American I found that quite disappointing, but we met others that made up for it.

We were really blessed that the weather was good. I’d been following the weather for Saturday all week, and it looked like rain showers on and off throughout the day. It was cloudy at first and sprinkled for less than a minute but we had intermittent sunshine and dry weather the rest of the time.

Cool story about the diving. When we made our way into the Aquatic Centre they scanned our tickets and I saw it come up with one of those negative dinging sounds and a red X. I felt a bit of panic and immediately I thought “But I bought these from the official website!” The nice scanner lady registered my panic because she goes “Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I don’t think it’s a problem with your ticket, but it may be a seating thing. If a view is obstructed, they probably want to move you to new seats.” Turns out, she was right! Our tickets for diving were quite near the pool level. Not the level that friends and family are in, but just the one above that. Unfortunately, it was at the other end of the Aquatic Centre (see photo for illustration). The new seats were SO much better! Very very thankful :O)

Enjoy the photos!!

Note the seating change. Such a great view!!!
First look at the Olympic Stadium
With our American flags
The Orbit

As an official sponsor, there were a bunch of McDonald’s around. I was really impressed by the price (not at all hiked up prices) and also by the quality. I think it was the best quarter pounder I’ve ever had!
At the Aquatics Centre
Inside the Aquatics Centre. The view from our new seats! I admit, the temperature was quite warm, so we did get a bit drowsy :O)
The Olympic pool
Practicing and warming up before the session
Where the athletes emerge from
The women’s 3m springboard semi-finalists
The Olympic rings!
The Olympic park really is huge. It took at least 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other
The Velodrome (aka “The Pringle”)
I think it’s one of my favourite buildings on the Olympic Park
They have Live Sites set up with TVs so that visitors can take in other events
On our way to the train station to go back to central London, we spotted the snipers

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