The Harry Potter Studio Tour

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. I’ve watched up to the 4th movie, but haven’t really caught up after that. It’s not that I haven’t really wanted to see them, but I just prefer the books so much more. They’re so rich in detail and leave more things to imagination. I’d been wanting to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida but just haven’t had the opportunity to. When I saw that this studio tour was opening in London, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to have something like the theme park, but cooler since it was the actual set that the movies were filmed on.

I don’t think I realised how well made and creative the movies were, until we visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour in north London. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit us and my sister is also a big Harry Potter fan (she was actually the one that got me into the books!). I thought it’d be neat to go check out the tour together. I booked the tickets early so that we could be guaranteed a spot. We took a day off from work, and went together. By public transportation, it’s a bit of a trek, so we decided to rent a car. The studio itself is quite easy to find by car as there is good signage as soon as you exit the motorway.

The nice thing, is that there weren’t many people there. We were one of the first groups let in in the morning, and as it was a Monday morning, it ensured we had the time and space to explore at our leisure.

I absolutely LOVED the studio tour. It is amazing how creative they had to be in order to create the film. Sets were created from scratch, artwork was painted (all the paintings on the walls of Hogwarts needed to be created), sculptures created. One of the most amazing parts was all the artists renderings of what certain scenes would look like. The level of hard work, artistic ability and imagination that went into creating the films really impressed me. If you’re in London, it is DEFINITELY worth a visit!!

The room under the stairs
Welcome to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! 🙂
The Gryffindor costumes
The teachers’ costumes on display by the head table in the Great Hall
So pretty! From the scene at the Yule Ball
Also from the Yule Ball
The Leaky Cauldron
The hallway of the Leaky Cauldron
The potions classroom. It was really neat how everything to the last detail was there.
The boys’ Gryffindor dorm room
The griffin to Dumbledore’s study – “acid pops!”
The Gryffindor common room with some of the casual clothes of the characters
Dumbledore’s study
Some of the props from the movies
The sculpture in the Ministry of Magic
Death eater costumes
The Knight Bus
The Dursley house
My sister and I with Fawkes
Diagon Alley!
The store front of Ollivander’s
One of the best parts of the tour. A miniature of the entire Hogwarts castle
The detail in the recreation is incredible!
My sister and I with the castle
All four of us with the castle

6 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Studio Tour

  1. Wow what a great photo tour, was perhaps thinking of visiting this myself, you photos certainly make a convincing argument to go along and see it for one’s self. thanks for posting.

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