A Weekend in Prague

Prague. What a gorgeous city and fun place to visit. Prices for food and shopping are quite reasonable, especially when you take the exchange rate into account. It is also a very english-speaking friendly place, so no need to worry about a language barrier.

For those wanting to visit Prague, here are some tips that will hopefully make your travels easier:

  • When you get to the airport, bus 119 takes you directly to the metro lines that can get you anywhere around central Prague
  • Buy your tickets on the bus – you will see people just hopping on without paying or scanning anything (like you need to in London) but they have tickets that when validated, allow you to hop on and hop off. Apparently there are ticket inspectors everywhere, but we never encountered one.
  • A 30 minute ticket is about 32 koruna (~ 1 GBP). We bought a 3-day ticket that was the equivalent of about 10 GBP (crazy cheap).
  • The yellow boxes are validation boxes, you only need to do this once.
  • Taking a taxi places is kind of a rip off with how convenient the metro is. But if you do decide to take a taxi, ask how much it is. If they quote something like 90 koruna per kilometre they’re inflating it…30-33 koruna is closer to the amount they should charge
  • Take your time to walk around! It’s an easy city to walk and you can see a lot
  • Utilise tripadvisor reviews. They tend to be pretty spot on.

My two highlights of the trip:

  1. We took a walking tour of Prague where we learned about what the Czech Republic went through in WWII. It was really interesting and well worth the money spent to do it. Since it is the slow season, it was just the 2 of us and the guide. It was our own private tour!
  2. Taking in a classical concert at Lobkowicz Palace. Prague is well known for their classical music and taking in a classical concert was definitely a must!
Now for the photos. Enjoy!
Stairs to the Prague Castle area
View of Prague from the top
The area around Prague castle is really pretty and quaint
Inside Saint Vitus’s Cathedral
The view of the Prague Castle courtyard

Antonin Dvorak – Famous Czech composer
Prague Ham in the Old Town Square
Old Town Square by day
Astronomical Clock
Old Town Square by night
One of the absolute highlights of the trip. Original manuscripts in Mozart’s hand – his rework of Handel’s Messiah.
Another original manuscript – Ludwig Van Beethoven
The concert hall inside Lobkowicz Palace
Charles Bridge

10 thoughts on “A Weekend in Prague

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Prague since my second year of college. This is beautiful. It looks like a city of fascinating architecture and clocks. I’m jealous – but hopefully I’ll get there soon.

  2. Dad and I just finished scrolling through the photos. Amazing scenery. Those classical music copies are amazing. It looks like the weather was also great for the visit. Happy for you.

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