When the Vikings came to town

Viking: /ˈvʌɪkɪŋ/
Noun: any of the Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in many parts of NW Europe in the 8th-11th centuries.
Key lessons learned:
1. Vikings don’t keep dragons as pets (How to Train your Dragon)
2. Viking helmets don’t really have horns – Apparently it’s all “Hollywood”
In addition to that scintillating bit of education, we got to explore York,  and take in some viking festivities. On Saturday we watched a few viking reenactments and had a lovely afternoon tea.
They had stands to try on viking armour
Joe and Jordane in their viking gear
Joe taking the opportunity to pose with a viking
Cliffords Tower in York is the keep of York Castle. Apparently this was the reason Joe wanted to go to York…because he thought William Wallace (Braveheart) conquered it. In the movie he may have, but in real life, they didn’t even go to York.
Got to see the train they used as the Hogwarts Express!
There was an exhibition of owls. I like to think this snowy owl was Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies (but I don’t know for sure)
York is a fun place and there was enough to see over a weekend. Obviously the Viking Festival made it more interesting, but definitely worth a visit!
Until next time!

7 thoughts on “When the Vikings came to town

  1. Dad and I were just commenting how privileged you are to have this opportunity to explore different cultures and sites while working in London, making memories for years to come and share.
    Praise God for His many benefits and blessings.

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