As much as I love to cook, one thing I’ve never done on my own, is make sushi. I assisted when making sushi for the lovely Jennilyn Chen’s Bridal Shower, but never really made the effort to do it myself.

We are friends with a French couple here, and the wife and I are a lot alike. One of our mutual areas of interest is cooking. We’ve both been wanting to learn how to make sushi, and so we did. She had a sushi book, and we each have a sushi making kit, so we decided to just try it on our own.

Turns out, it’s not has hard as I thought it was! I found the recipe for the rice online here and we bought the ingredients to make it together. In addition to it being fun, it was quite healthy too!

In the kitchen for our first attempt at sushi!
While we were making sushi…they were attempting to play starcraft
Our first pieces of sushi. Looking pretty good!
Final products! Ended up making a lot more than we thought

8 thoughts on “Sushi!

  1. oh mrs. chang i miss you! looks you made such a beautiful spread! i love how your dishwasher is disguised by the cabinetry!

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