My life as a Londoner

I have to say…living in London is pretty neat. The thing is, when I started working, it felt like living in any other big city, commuting and working every day as normal. Being here is quite surreal, and it’s hard to believe we’re actually in Europe, but every day is honestly like any other working day, with a different routine. So, here is a bit of my everyday life as a Londoner. It’s not quite as glamourous as it appears 😀

Leaving the flat in the morning
My daily walk to and from the tube station
Our local tube station where I get on the tube that takes me to work
One of the tube lines that takes me to work
This is my stop…about 40 minutes later…

Another 5-7 minute walk, and I’m at work.

Even with public transportation, it’s about a hour door-to-door. This means that we get back from work around 7-7:30pm. And with the days being so short, we’re walking back and forth in the dark and freezing cold (literally). Oh well…it’s all part of the adventure 😀


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