Things that make a house a home

We moved to London a little over 3 months ago. Our stuff arrived from San Diego about 2 months ago. It really wasn’t until we got unpacked and set up that our flat started feeling home-y.

Last week, the last piece of the flat came together.

When thinking about how to decorate our place, I wanted to have something that was colorful and nature-y. I knew that the weather here would be cold and gloomy so having some color to warm up the place was ideal. On Etsy, I found some shops that sold vinyl wall decals. They can be all types of colors, shapes and sizes. I found a design that I loved. A cherry blossom branch with flowers and birds. What I later realized though, is while the wall decals are amazing for creating artwork without ruining a wall, they’re not transferrable. Basically, if I put a decal on the wall in our flat, I wouldn’t be able to take it down when we move and use it in another place. The decal sellers that I asked said that the vinyl would stretch and lose its stickiness, making it practically impossible to reuse. One seller suggested that it was possible to put it on a piece of plastic to transport. That’s when I thought of it…put the decal on a large mirror. I’d be able to transport it wherever we live / move to, and mirrors have the added benefit of making spaces look bigger by reflecting life.

Here are the final results!

The full decal applied to the mirror
A close up of the decal on the mirror

The decals alone are really versatile and don’t damage your walls. It’s a quick and easy way to bring art and color into your home. My putting it on a mirror just demonstrates how versatile they can be.

Here are some of the shops on Etsy that sell these decals. There are so many more so feel free to explore. Enjoy!

DecorDesigns SingleStoneStudios JusttheFrosting


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