We’re Moving!

We’re moving to the UK!

After a long time, many discussions and many prayers, Joe and I will be moving to the UK for him to work on a project with his company. The excitement is definitely there. The consensus is that there is no better time to go. It’s temporary and we’re not tied down with kids or a mortgage in San Diego. We’d have the opportunity to travel Europe and really take advantage of the close proximity to so many countries.

Having moved so much growing up, moving across an ocean wasn’t foreign to me. But, I was apprehensive because it has been a long time since I’d had to adjust cross-culturally, and I had a feeling it would be tough.

Last week, Joe and I were in the UK for an exploratory trip. We stayed in a hotel in Reading, which is where his office is. The plan was for him to work with the team in the mornings and he and I would explore the area in the afternoons. The mindset of holiday vs. relocation is completely different. While we got to enjoy some great weather and see some sights in London, what we were about to do with the move really hit us. We’d be leaving family, friends and the life that we have in San Diego. The isolation and the homesickness hit us mid-week and that is when we both knew it would be harder than we thought.

The experience and opportunity definitely outweighs our fears. We both agree that the move will be a priceless experience for us individually and as a couple. I am thankful that even though the trip out there had its difficult moments, we had a lot of fun seeing the sights and exploring the various areas we could be living.

With that said…come visit us! In case we’re not enough of a draw, the Summer Olympics 2012 will be held in London :O)


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