Vancouver Olympic Oval

Visiting my parents this time in Vancouver was the first time I got to see the venues used in the Winter Olympics. From reading different articles about past Olympic venues, after the events, the host countries have a hard time figuring out what to use the sites for. That’s why I am really amazed at how Vancouver has found uses for the facilities post-Olympics. The Richmond Olympic Oval is now a facility where young children, up to elite athletes go to play and train.

When the Vancouver Olympic Oval was designed, they designed it with its post-Olympics usage in mind…then, they just dropped in the long track speed skating rink. Now, it’s a gorgeous Community Center with rinks for ice skating and hockey, basketball courts and a running track. On the upper floors, there are state-of-the-art workout machines that get a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains.

Not only is it well used, it is also environmentally friendly. The Centre has attained the Silver LEED Certification and has so many attributes that are ridiculously environmental. First, the concrete floors on the main level have a brine that processes friction from people walking around into energy, that heats the building. The energy collected covers 90% of the energy needed to heat the entire facility. Also, the ceiling of the building is made of Pine Beedle that has holes/spaces left in hollow beams. It basically allows for sound to be so well controlled that with the partitions down, you can’t hear what’s happening on the other side, and with the partitions up, 2 people standing at opposite ends can hear each other speak clearly to one another.

A 5-lane running track.

For just $55 Canadian a month, you could enjoy the usage of these Olympic Facilities.


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