A refresh

In my highschool days, I loved photography. At the time, the art of photography consisted of film SLR’s. In order to use the film in the darkroom, one had to use a sealed bag to extract the film into the film developer. Then process the film with a variety of chemicals (I forget now what they were) before the film could even be used in the darkroom. Developing prints in a darkroom could be very time consuming, but I found it very fulfilling. Figuring which areas to dodge/burn (under/over expose) was fun for me. I can’t draw, sketch or sculpt but photography was an art I could get behind.
Fast forward over 10 years and now dSLRs are all the craze. I’d been wanting to get one for a while except I just couldn’t justify the cost. After a while, I decided that if the opportunity presented itself, I would get one, but for now, it just wasn’t worth it.

At my company’s 25th anniversary party, they were raffling off a number of prizes. GPS devices, an ipod touch, 5 ipads, a Nikon dSLR, 2 40″ Samsung TVs and the largest prize, a 46″ Samsung TV. I really wanted to win the Nikon dSLR but alas, I didn’t win a thing. Unbeknownst to me, the winner of the 46″ Samsung TV was a supplier, not an employee. They gave the TV back to Cymer to re-raffle so that an employee could win it. At our Q1 all-hands meeting we each got a raffle ticket when we walked in the door. I was one of the last to receive one. At the end of the meeting, our President pulled out a raffle ticket…and it was mine!

Thankfully, no need for another TV…so I was able to return the TV and get my very own Nikon dSLR. It really is awesome how things work out :O)


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